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UWRF Area Research Center Non-Indexed Record Search

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UW-River Falls Area Research Center provides a service of records searches for indexed collections.

Records currently available include:

  • Burnett County Circuit Court Civil Case Files, 1888-1971 - all records
  • Pierce County Circuit Court Criminal and Civil Case Files, 1866-1930 - these are about 3/4 finished being indexed
  • Birth and death notices and obituaries that appeared in the local newspapers, 1853-1910 - currently you will only find surnames beginning A - Ch
  • Divorce notices from local newspapers, 2010-2011

Court civil case files contain issues like estates, damages, non-payments of debts, and other civil litigation; naturalization (citizenship) records; and divorce records. The criminal case files contain records about crime where there was a trial, for example, bootlegging or horse stealing.  The birth, death, and divorce notices are often just a sentence or two in the newspaper, but can also be more descriptive, especially when you get a full-blown obituary or a photo of the first baby born that year.

When requesting a search of available data, we will respond via email with a scanned copy of the available documents with a portrait, if available.

You can find more information about the UW-River Falls Area Research Center, including our searchable database here: https://www.uwrf.edu/AreaResearchCenter/