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Research services, $5 per 30-minute increment

Research services, $5 per 30-minute increment

Note: Add additional increments to reach desired time/cost of research.

UW-River Falls Area Research Center provides a service of records searches for indexed collections.

Records currently available include:

  • Burnett County Circuit Court Civil Case Files, 1888-1971 - all records
  • Pierce County Circuit Court Criminal and Civil Case Files, 1866-1930 - these are about 3/4 finished being indexed
  • Birth and death notices and obituaries that appeared in the local newspapers, 1853-1910 - currently you will only find surnames beginning A - Ch
  • Divorce notices from local newspapers, 2010-2011

Court civil case files contain issues like estates, damages, non-payments of debts, and other civil litigation; naturalization (citizenship) records; and divorce records. The criminal case files contain records about crime where there was a trial, for example, bootlegging or horse stealing.  The birth, death, and divorce notices are often just a sentence or two in the newspaper, but can also be more descriptive, especially when you get a full-blown obituary or a photo of the first baby born that year.

When requesting a search of available data, we will respond via email with a scanned copy of the available documents with a portrait, if available.

You can find more information about the UW-River Falls Area Research Center, including our searchable database here: https://www.uwrf.edu/AreaResearchCenter/

If you do not have the “Search Identifier” specified below, please return to the Area Research Center web site and initiate the search. It will display an option to “Add to cart” which will provide you with the “Search Identifier” criteria needed to complete the search.